In Cortex, they introduce the concept of yearly themes as part of their podcast. The idea is that to have yearly themes that will be the guiding principal of your year. An example is “The Year of Less” where Grey, one of the hosts, focused in reducing unneeded things in his life such as removing Social Media/Internet Usage and reducing the projects he is doing so he can focus more on the other projects. They are not deterministic as yearly resolutions which is either you achieve it or you don’t. It is more flexible and abstract which makes it easier to incorporate throughout the year.

What was last year like for me

Before deciding on the theme of 2020, I would like to review my last year. 2019 was a year I just let go and let my life be messy. I didn’t plan anything big or try new things. The biggest things I did last year was travel to Japan and get a new job both of which I planned on 2018. I didn’t meet new people outside of work mostly because I didn’t try to go out. I didn’t monitor my finances at all and luckily I am not broke. Since both my jobs that year had flexible hours, my schedule would be completely random and be based purely on what I felt like for that day. I embraced that chaos and lived with no real plans or schedules. Reviewing it now, I would have label that year as “The Year of Mess”.

Theme of this year

My theme for this Year would be the Year of Organization. Get my life more organized and structured. This year I hope to flip that mess around and be more organize with different parts of my life in hopes to have more control on what I get to do with my time rather than succumbing to what I feel like doing at that moment.


To achieve “Year of Organization”, I’ve listed some general actions to take/remember. Right now, I have 3 general ideas. Schedule, List, and Record. They all have similar overlapping concepts but I’ve broken them down. Schedule has some Date or Time element to them. List is for planning ahead with less concrete time element. Record is for things that have passed.


  • Use a Calendar more - I constantly fail to follow the calendar schedule but I hope to start
  • Timebox tasks ahead of time - Timebox ahead of time to allow squeezing more
  • Commit to deadlines - Commit to both personal and professional deadlines more


  • Listing tasks - List all the tasks I have to do rather than keeping them inside my head
  • Breaking down tasks - Break down large tasks to more doable smaller ones


  • Monitoring Finances - Start monitoring my finances
  • Writing down ideas and notes - Solidify my ideas by writing them down
  • Perform time tracking - Track both personal and professional tasks to better gauge where my time is going

Other vague things I want to do more

  • Reflect - Reflect on daily mood and energy
  • Meditate
  • Exercise